We Are Nerdy

About Us

We live it daily.

We are Nerdy.

At Nerdy Northerners, our passion is creating and delivering epic performances while engaging in our deep passions and our favourite hobbies. From video games to table-top RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons, our ever expanding crew of professionals bring something new to our portfolio and providings.

We are nerds, geeks, and fans of everything that popular culture holds under the span of its massive wings. We want to bring you fun and entertainment in creative new ways.


Throughout our travels, we have had wonderful people join our team in a variety of roles and capacities. Below you’ll find the individuals who make everything happen here at Nerdy Northerners.

Jake Davidson

Founder, Multiple Show Host, Producer and Director, Marketing Director

Alycia Shufelt

Founder, Multiple Show Host, Creative Director, Social Media Team Lead

Zack Ramsey

Host of Gutaan Misage's Battle Royale

William La

Host of Game On!, Gaming Team Leader

Danny Laranjo

Host of The Indie Hour

Jodie Verberne

Host of Let's Play: Pokemon, Social Media Team

Alex Danayan

Host of Game On!

Wes Weldrick

Host of Game On!

Ryan Pare

Host of Game On!

Jason Essery

Host of Retro Revival

Cole Kierstead

Host of Retro Revival

Evan Willemse

Cast of GMBR, Artist, Host of Community Morning

David Armstrong

Host of the Board Gamers

Jill Skoblenick

Website Team Leader

Taylor Decosse

Social Media team

Tinley Brown

Social Media Team

Mickey Harper

Artist, Writer

Andrew Viger

Video Editor

Seth Weber

Cast of GMBR, Actor


Cast of GMBR, Actor


Cast of GMBR, Actor