Alycia Davidson

Alycia Davidson’s role at Nerdy Northerners is to be a badass, also she is a part owner of the company, the creative designer for Nerdy, and she appears on a multitude of different shows. Alycia is currently 29 years old, and has grown up in many different parts of Canada. Over her interesting life we have learned some facts, some including; She was born on Easter, She is terrified of drowning, she loves the outdoors and adventuring, and she has 2 daughters which are both named after assassins from 2 of her fandoms. Their names are Taliah and Aria, of course with spelling variants. Alycia loves many video games but her favorite is of all is Dead Space, but she had a hard time deciding that answer.

Alycia would love to fight Princess Peach, as she’s the only one she would like to slap some into. In the words of Alycia, that girl got problems. Alycia believes that she will lose against so many video game entities, because she is too clumsy but with an initiative of 19 how clumsy could you get.

(Discord tag: WyckedWays)

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