Chris – Xathos 2

Chris Rowan

Chris Rowan is one of our chosen on GMBR, and he plans to be in more of a variety of shows and skits on Nerdy Northerners. One day in the future he plans to host his own D and D campaign as well. Chris is 31 years old, and was born and raised in London, Ontario. Over his life he has gained many interesting facts about him, let’s start with a couple: biggest fear is not achieving his goals, he absolutely loves any spicy food, he has trained in martial arts since he was 4 years old, he is a career musician, and has toured in a metal band and performed as a rapper. The best he can do with his favorite game, is his favorite type of video games which are classic RPGs. Chris believes that he can beat Slippy toad in a fight, and it will definitely be super satisfying. He also believes that Cloud Strife could probably beat him in a fight, and his initiative in this fight is a 15. (Discord Tag: Xathos)

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