Evan Willemse

Evan Willemse is one of our chosen on GMBR, an artist, and a writer at Nerdy Northerners. Evan is 19 years old, and was born and raised on a farm in Ontario. Over Evan’s life he has had many interesting facts, let’s take a look at some of them; He has a twin brother named Owen, He is in the process of writing his first book, he has exponential bone growths around his body, and he has the biggest fear of heights. Evan’s all time favorite video game is Stardew Valley, especially now that they added multiplayer. Evan believes that every video game entity could defeat him in a battle, except for one he believes he can defeat which is a Pikman. His initiative for the battle is a 10, lets see how he would do in the battle. (Discord tag: Evan)

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