Jodie Verberne

Jodie Verberne is one of our show hosts for our Let’s Play Pokémon series, where Jodie and Jake play through many of the Pokémon games. Jodie is thirty years old, and was raised in London, Ontario. Over all of the years Jodie has been with us, we have learned many interesting facts. For example; she has graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in sociology, she has two hairless dogs, Piper and Poe, her favorite Pokémon is Trubish, and her biggest pet peeve is when she has to wait the entire thirty second timer during a Dynamax adventure. Jodie’s favorite video games are Pokémon, and the Fable series. She believes that she can’t win against any video game characters, she doesn’t need an initiative for she will lose. (Discord tag: jodiemae)

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