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Zack Ramsey

Zack Ramsey is our main Tabletop RPGs creator, and he is very excited for what is to come in 2021 from Nerdy Northerners. Zack was born in London, Ontario and he is 23 years old. Over Zack’s many years here we have found many interesting facts, For example; He is a professional part time Dungeon Master, he loves to craft and paint miniature figures, he believes in the yes theory and in trying everything once. As well he has a huge fear of sharks, because when he was 9 he begged his parents to watch Jaws.

Zack’s favorite video game is Battlefield 4&5, he loves the amount of options and squad tactics you can employ. Zack believes he can beat every enemy in Mario Brothers, except for bowser and his kids. There is no one who can beat Zack for he is the main character, except for old age.

His initiative is an 11, for this mighty battle!

(Discord tag: NNZackTheDM)

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