Gutaan Misage's Battle Royale

Mondays - 5-8pm ET

A weekly Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition PvP competition where eight Chosen are selected to bring four champions each to the great gladiatorial match in the lands. Numerous game modes, exciting action and roleplay, and cosplayed characters highlight the experience.


Mondays - 9-10pm ET

Join hosts Danny, Jake, and Wes weekly as they discuss the weekly gaming news you don’t want to miss out on. From the blockbuster titles to industry expertise on news, the guys fill you in on what you need to know.

Game On!

Tuesdays - 8-10pm ET

Longtime friends and the ultimate gamers, join Alex, Ryan, Wes, and Will weekly as they tackle a game each month. Thoroughly playing through it, you’ll be in for hilarious laughs and good times while finding out if the game is something you’d enjoy.

Crafter's Corner

Wednesdays - 7-9pm ET

Learn how to paint miniatures and build terrain for table-top games on Crafter’s Corner, our weekly show where host Alycia explores techniques and methods with the viewers live.

Indie Hour

Thursdays - 9-10pm ET

Join Danny Laranjo for an hour long presentation of an indie title he’s purchased. Find out whether the game is one to grab or avoid as you’ll hear his thoughts on it by the end of the show.

Dungeon Master Discussion

Fridays - 6-7pm ET

A weeklyshow where Zack Ramsey, aka “Zack the DM”, is joined by a guest of his choice to discuss that Dungeon Master’s particular traits and interests. Learn more on becoming a better Dungeon Master for your own games eack week with tips, ideas, and more.

Board Gamers

Saturdays - 5-8pm ET

Every Saturday afternoon, it’s time to play some Board Games! Join Alycia and 

Let's Play: Pokemon

Saturdays - 9-11pm ET

Every Saturday afternoon, it’s time to play some Board Games! Join Alycia and 

Retro Revival

Sundays - 8-9:30pm ET

Alycia Davidson, Cole Kierstead, and Thor Essery explore retro games determining whether a remaster is necessary or if one did happen, whether it was justified compared to the original. Tune in for some prime nostalgia!