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The ultimate battle of Champions. . .

Gutaan Misage'S battle royale

Welcome to Gutaan Misage’s Battle Royale, a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition role-play PvP (player vs player) show!

Tune in each week as the various “Chosen” bring their combatants as they chase for victory in the elusive tournament. 

“In the lands of Augos, one can find a gladiator ring in many cities, especially those in the west. With large crowds cheering for fighters pitting themselves against one another in occasional fights to the death, the people of the lands most certainly enjoy their combat as sport. While tournaments are held in various cities and countries throughout the realms, there is but one tournament that draws the attention and desire to participate from every warrior, champion, and gladiator out there.

This prestigious tournament is held by no mere mortal. Instead, this grand competition is hosted by none other than the deity of gladiators and champions, Gutaan Misage.

Every ten years, eight different bearers of champions/gladiators/deadliest warriors are invited to bring with them the finest of their lot to participate in a deadly battle royale style set of combative matches. A total of thirty-two fighters will spill blood and only one will be crowned the tournament Immortal.

The island of Gutaan Misage – also known as “L’ultimo Anello” (The Final Ring) – exists within the domain of the deity himself. The several mile wide long island in nearly all directions is surrounded by a vast sea that descends off into the unknown like a waterfall over the perfectly circular plateau. 

The only way to reach the island is to have been selected and chosen by the deity himself during the festival of “Scegliere la Libertà” (Choosing Freedom), an homage to Gutaan. During this festival, there are eight who are picked who – to the deity of gladiatorial combat – feature the best of the best combatants among their retinue of warriors. 

Gutaan Misage - Lesser Deity

Jake Davidson

The Legendary Items

Graced Greatsword

+4 Strength

Pot of Understanding

+4 Intelligence

Scholar's Scrolls

+4 Wisdom

Gravestone of Dexterity

+4 Dexterity

Gemstone of Show

+4 Charisma

Hearty Chicken Stew

+4 Constitution

Fountain of Inspiration

+1 Inspiration (reroll)

Teleportation Circle

Teleport to random location


The Game Modes


Collection is an exciting game mode where the Champions must acquire as many torches from the middle basket to their brazier. Each kill is worth one point. The one with the most torches at the end of the time limit is victorious.


In Conquest, Champions must secure points of interest. Each round, the points of interest are tabulated and a point awarded for each point held. At the end of four rounds, the initiative order switches until the time limit ends. Each kill is worth one point. The Champion with the most points at the end of the time limit wins.

CTF (Capture the Flag)

Champions must make their way to a single flag located in the middle of the map. Returning the flag to their spawn rewards one point. A kill is worth one point. The Champion with the most points at the end of the time limit is the winner.


The game mode that started it all - Deathmatch. Champions square off against one another with three (3) lives available each. Once a Champion runs out of lives, they are eliminated. The last Champion standing is victorious.

King of the Hill

In King of the Hill, Champions must make their way to the center of the map and hold the point of interest. Champions in the hill at the end of a round are rewarded one point. A kill is worth one point. The Champion with the most points at the end of the time limit is the victor.


In Powerball, Champions must attack and damage an orb that spawns in the middle of the map. Each damage of ten (10) done to the orb will move it five (5) feet in any direction - including over terrain. When the Powerball arrives at a Champion's spawn, it detonates and takes one of that Champion's two "Detonation Lives". When a Champion runs out of either "Detonation Lives" or their lives per round, they are eliminated. The last Champion standing wins.

Only one champion will rise to the top

Watch them fight for glory!